Bachelors 1st cycle

De erg


The studies are organised as a bachelor articulated around three artistic clusters – Art, Media and Narration – and gathering 13 orientations : Digital Arts / Comics / Animation Cinema / Visual and Graphic Communication / Graphic Design / Drawing / Illustration / Installation-Performance / Painting / Photography / Sculpture / Typography / Video.

In each cluster, a multidisciplinary workshop offers a curriculum based on experimentation favouring the opening up of artistic disciplines and collective experiences. All the orientations taught at erg come together in larger groupings, and are thus not considered as isolated elements. This pedagogic approach offers another feature artistic support and technique courses. Supplementing the artistic curriculum, they allow each student to widen their horizons and strengthen their choices. The choice of artistic support courses is completely free, and is to be made among all the orientations proposed at erg.

Les orientations

The Art Department

The Media Department

The Narration Department