Digital Design

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The Digital Design orientation proposes to explore the modes of graphic creation and distribution in digital environments by taming the tools, by “practicing” them or in other words by “doing with them”. The course aims to emphasize editorial forms in the broad sense that are part of a digital practice and that pass through different types of media. The act of publishing (in the sense of making public) can embody several states: from the digital flow of the screen to the stabilization of print or, in a hybrid way, to fit into digital and/or analog spaces.

Because it brings together a multiplicity of uses and issues, the Internet and, more specifically, the web and its technologies are at the center of the workshop in B2 and B3. This does not imply that the productions made by the students are entirely made online, but rather that the particularities of the web will serve as starting points for the various experiences offered.

As the course is common to students in B2 and B3 and partly in M1 and M2, there is no progressive and linear construction of knowledge based on prerequisites and acquired skills. It is rather a question of approaching a set of themes related to the web and graphic design, which can be seen out of order and to different degrees but which will all be approached at within each person's curriculum.


Digital Design (BA)

Digital Design (MA)