Digital Design (BA)

De erg

Media Design

Becoming aware of the political dimension of any act of communication by developing a personal practice in visual design and formal information treatment. The first year aims at stimulating invention and experimentation by approaching fundamental notions of meaning construction, image plasticity, design, prioritisation and information ranking. The second year lays emphasis on learning methods of collecting information (documentation, interview, research and selection), content production, the creation of visual systems and the aspects of professional commissions. The third year marks the completion of a cycle by raising questions related to the designer’s responsibility as well as the status of communication in our society. This last year opens up to the research of a personal project in an economic, political and technological context.

Bachelor 1

Professors : collective

Learning Modules :

- Signe, Image, Icône, Glyphes, Emojis, Pictos, No-Logo

Professors : Laurent Baudoux, Alain Goffin

- Parler à la machine

Professors : Damien Safie, Wendy Van Wynsberghe

- Signe, Dessin, Dessin graphique

Professors : Laurent Baudoux, Sabine Voglaire

- Formats, canons, gaufriers, en marge super max-width!

Professors : Giampiero Caiti, Ludivine Loiseau

Bachelor 2 & 3

Professors : Manu Blondiau, Alexia De Visscher, Lionel Maes

During the third year, the media design course evolves into a space of collection creation and research. Students develop working method and reflections on the creation of graphic signs. They learn to develop their knowledge of contemporary graphic design practices in order to further broaden their critical mind. The essential aim is to link a working method, a particular outlook on the world as a designer, the research of a singular graphic grammar and the production of meaningful signs in a particular communicational context.