Multidisciplinary Workshops Narration

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Narration Department

Bac 1

A support workshop for the courses included in this department: illustration, comics, video and animation film.

This course aims at acquiring narrative construction skills that allows to elaborate narratives by integrating a number of devices and motives taken from classical dramaturgy: editing a narrative structured as an intellectual construct.

Teachers : Joanna Lorho, Stéphane Noël

Bac 2

The pluridisciplinary workshop is focused on the diverse nature of contemporary narratives and on the many ways in which to produce a narrative today. A priority is given to the multiplicity of contemporary narrative practices, sometimes remote from classical narrative patterns.

Teachers : Chantale Anciaux, Olivier Grenson, Isabelle Martin

Bac 3

Artistic course: pluridisciplinary course/pluridisciplinary workshop: AP Narration

This course is focused on practice. One third of the sessions is devoted to the presentation of fixed and moving images that offer a wide variety of narrative forms: inventory, list, picture book, interviews, loop, repetition, fable, hyper-narration, endless narration, discovery of the narrative dimension of various documents: administrative, medical, architectural documents, police reports… Guest speakers will come and discuss their personal practice.

Teachers : Denis Deprez, Inès Rabadan