Juan Camilo Gonzales

De erg

Publiée 2021-10-22
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From the coming week on we welcome (and we are VERY happy to say: physically!) our friend and collegue Juan-Camilo Gonzales from Bogota, Columbia.

His practice is widely spread within the field of independent animation - working at the intersection of traditional hand-drawn animation and cutting edge web technologies.

Based on his background(s) between making personal animated films, creative programming, academic research, education and curatorial endeavors Juan will offer exchange and project mentoring to a group of our students throughout the entire academic year 2021/22. In a workshop week at our long term partner Projection Room , followed by individual- and group online sessions, he will share his passion of exploring aesthetic and narrative forms of animation using emerging digital tools, particularly open-source software / hardware and programming.

The process is opened by a presentation on ergTV, Friday 22nd at 18h [link to follow], and will be continously accompanied by further emissions.

In the frame of the Animated Film Department, with Alexander Schellow and Monsieur Pimpant.