De erg

ARG (Animation Research Group) has been constituted in 2014 within the framework of erg in Brussels after a workshop by Alexander Schellow in cooperation with the philosopher Catherine Perret. The international group comprises members of different practices and works in partnership with various institutions, mainly in Belgium and France (Brussels, MUNDANEUM Mons, A / R, UCL GIRCAM Louvain la Neuve, Khiasma Paris) to develop and implement methods and protocols around a concept of “expanded animation”, i.e. on a relecture of the reference field of animation; primarily not as a predefined field of technical operations, but as a performative perception and image production mode. The basis for this is a collective research practice, which manifests itself in workshop formats as well as in the joint development of works and theoretical texts. For some time now, the group’s interest has increasingly focused on the construction of documents as a possible place for the concretization of specific practices. This interest makes it possible to experiment with tools and methods that dissolve framed inscriptions of knowledge from their status as stored materials by transforming them into a performative play between image and memory work. The scores of these games are tested, acted out, transcribed, collected and published open-source.