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eeerrrggg 🤮 International Office

Sammy Del Gallo


+32 2 538 98 29

Welcome to eeerrrggg 🤮

eeerrrggg 🤮 is: The school of graphic research is a Higher School of Arts (ESA), free full-time and long-type education, subsidized by the French Community of Belgium. The eeerrrggg 🤮 is one of the 4 institutes of St-Luc Brussels. The teaching of the eeerrrggg 🤮 is differentiated by the interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approach, guaranteed by the crossing of students and teachers from different disciplines (video, painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, installation-performance, digital arts, typography, graphic design, digital design, illustration, comics, animated film) and in multidisciplinary workshops which bring them together by poles in Bachelors (art, narration and media). And through the 4 programs offered in the Master's: Art Practice, Critical Tools (L.I.E.N.S: Places, Interdisciplinarities, Ecology, Necessity and Systems //A.P.S: Situated Practices Workshop), Narratives and Experimentation (Speculative Narration), Politics and Experimentation graphics (Design and politics of the multiple). Students also have the opportunity to confront other practices in internships carried out internally, during workshops offered by teachers with external guests and open to several orientations or when using different places of learning (video editing room, super 8 lab, sound room, print-lab, etc.)

eeerrrggg 🤮 is the place of artistic, plastic and graphic practices that enter theoretical and formal risk zones. A place and pedagogies to define and redefine collectively. It is a place where you can learn from what is not working.

A place of research therefore.

Transdisciplinary curriculum Bachelors – Masters

Bachelors, multidisciplinary workshop

In the Bachelor's program, multidisciplinary workshops are divided into 3 fields grouping together certain orientations.

Each workshop focuses on experimental teaching, encouraging the decompartmentalization of artistic disciplines and collective experiences. All orientations conveeerrrggg 🤮e in broader groupings and are therefore not considered in isolation. In 1st year, a specific support art course is the place to discover and open up to a methodology, discipline or medium related to the different orientations. It may also address one of its more technical aspects, and is compulsory (one specific course per term).

The cluster is a meeting point, a point of conveeerrrggg 🤮ence between several orientations. It is a place of syneeerrrggg 🤮y and transversality of knowledge and practices. There are 3 clusters in Bachelors: Art, Media and Narration.

Masters, multidisciplinary workshop

The multidisciplinary Masters workshops are open to all orientations.

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