Master Design and Politics of the Multiple

De erg

(Redirigé depuis Design and Politics of the Multiple (MA))

Professors/Coordination: Pierre-Philippe Duchâtelet, Renaud Huberlant

The Design and Politics of the Multiple Master program seeks to open up a field of study on the research and the practice of design (Huyghe 2017). This course invites students to develop a personal project supported by a critical premise. One of the objectives is to reflect on the designer’s role in the shaping of discourse, images, knowledge, and therefore to identify the dynamic position they occupy in determining the cultural, social and political structures in our world.

The notion of design is a central component to this degree; however, is not so much understood as a solution-oriented method than as an exploration of the potentialities of dissent as the site for constructing a different sensible world (Rancière 2018). Design as a politics of the multiple. Connecting the multiple and politics means questioning the political force of multiple, fragmented subjectivities that cannot be circumscribed within immutable identities, but also interrogating the agency of multiples as “inanimate,” serial design objects.

Among the various disciplines associated to design, we will place a particular on editorial practices. Publishing will be considered in the larger sense of the term, which implies a set of operations — re-ordering, translation, editing, layout and reproduction. As an ordering practice, publishing ranges from print to digital supports, from still to moving image, from page layout to spatial layout.

This Master program offers a cross-examination of design and art under the theoretical light of philosophy of science and cultural, feminist and postcolonial studies. Students are invited to study the power relationships at play within the transmission of historical narratives and the shaping of collective memory. During the 2018/2020 cycle, students will share the results of their research with multiple guests and professors.