Master Narratives and Experimentation / Speculative Narration

De erg

Professors: Yvan Flasse and Fabrizio Terranova

This Master is dedicated to the research, initiation and production of narratives that tell and transform the world – narrative as a propositional force, narrative as creating universes that introduce new ways of approaching the world. This Masters progressively brings each student to develop and give shape to an original, personal narrative practice, encouraging them to complete it and to circulate it outside the school.

Through a dynamics of exchange and sharing, as well as specific courses focusing on contemporary narrative forms and practices that echo, confront and extend the productions of each student, the workshop aims at formulating and articulating each student’s singular universe. The productions will be put to the test of the specific research axis articulated around the notion of speculation.

Linked courses : Video Seminar, Speculative Gesture