Workshop Juillet 2017

De erg

Cartographie de flux: Stitching the erg web 11-13 juillet | 10h-19h

Within the erg, many different platforms and tools are employed to produce and distribute a diversity of webpages, images, audio, video, and other kinds of documents. This diversity echoes the erg's multidisciplinary approach and interests in exploring the boundaries of (digital) form and tools. How can the website of the erg best reflect this? What tools & standards exist to publish on the web in a way that thrives on and encourages multiple and distributed flows of diverse materials, and which resists the centralising and uniformisation of commercial “web 2.0” platforms.

In this workshop you will be part of the process, working specifically with the (digital) materials of the erg, and using FLOSS (free/libre/open-source software) software tools and standards, to address these larger questions relevant to contemporary web design, publishing and archiving.


Workshop with Michael Murtaugh.

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Image : Pierre Huyghebaert and Ludivine Loiseau