Walk + talk'

De erg

Dates :thursday 15th, each session of 1,5h one student, slots at 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00, 18:30

Lieu :Walk passages through Brussels (start and end ERG, each)

nombre de participant.e: following 2) there are 8 participants possible

enseignant.e.s responsables :Alexander Schellow

inscription :


Do you like to walk in the city? Do you like to reflect while walking in the city?walk + talk addresses one’s practice.walk + talk is a dispositiv to search for a specific language of practice and practice of language. walk + talk is a simple and daily experience. It is the invitation to share a walk - one to one, 1,5h from the erg to the erg, lets say : a pure detour. walk + talk offers and experiments a tool. Destruction by our environment, through which we move, and the concurrence of two kinds of movement in and with our bodies - within such imposition it becomes at the same time (im)possible to reflect on what moves us, in our work. It enables by resistance, by de-concentration, by devision of attention.walk + talk proposes talking and walking as a way of addressing an always impossible „language practice“. To quote a collaborator of mine, the choreographer Philipp Gehmacher (the title walk + talk’ itself quotes a common format of our’s) : “walk marks the time that passes, the time needed by movement to unfurl itself. talk stands for the assertion, announcement or speaking out, as well as for the complexity of voicing the truths that constitutes one, that one embodies, truths that both gain and lose meaning in their being expressed.”