Theory and practice of new technologies / Digital cultures - a toolbox (B1)

De erg

The Digital Cultures course is a 2-part toolbox, consisting of theoretical courses and practical workshops.

This course is experimental - its form has changed every year since its implementation - but it is mandatory.

Theory and practice

The course is structured in 2 workshops. The first will focus on the economy (related to digital of course) and the second will focus on the physical aspects of digital. This site is dedicated to the course, and contains all the information about its dates and contents.

Digital cultures?

digital technologies have been part of our world for more than two centuries. The Jacquard profession around 1801, Babbage's analytical machine, Ada Lovelace's first computer code around 1843 are all steps that testify to a growing interest in machines capable of automatically performing complex calculations, on the one hand, and machines capable of tackling any logical problem, a universal machine, on the other hand.