Technical courses

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The spaces of production and action are diversifying. The first years are the time of the maximum experimentation of these places. Experiment what a workshop is: a computer, a table, a stage, a kitchen. Not only are the courses multidisciplinary workshops, but also the school premises themselves can become multidisciplinary: auditorium, specific classrooms, cafeteria, exhibition spaces. The plastic realization of ideas, projects, orders, acts of communication is a process that happens, that operates in its very realization. We have to go through this: imagine, do, see, say. The risk of students exploring areas outside textbooks of any kind should be supported. In order to be able to ask the question of production conditions, it is a question of opening up and understanding the tools they have in their hands: softwares, pigments, typographies, films, voices, etc. Is the form determined by history, computer companies, technical limitations, economic means, the workplace?

Technical courses in Bachelors

From Work to Print

Internet and programming

Drawing: basic techniques (B1)

Writing / text creation (B1)

Color: Analysis and Contextual Practices

Film-Video (B2)

Film-Video (B3)

Digital utensils

Digital programming

Sound (B2)

Sound (B3)

Commando Radio

Technical courses in Master

Internal Internship

Experimental writing

Writing as material, materials of writing

Dissertation Follow-up