Soirée Performance organisée dans le cadre de l’exposition de Laure Cottin Stefanelli et Peter Snowdon

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Publiée 2018/12/11
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Dans le cadre de la résidence Conversation

le CVB et le Gsara en partenariat avec l'ERG

ont le plaisir de vous inviter à une soirée Performance organisée dans le cadre de l’exposition de Laure Cottin Stefanelli et Peter Snowdon à Erg Galerie.


— Bodies At Work

Suivie d’une discussion en anglais avec les cinéastes et performers le Samedi 15 Décembre 2018 de 18h00 à 20h00.


A performance by Xenia Taniko, with dramaturgical advice by Maya Weinberg

Mesh&Wire is occupied with the slippery edges of embodiment. It is the process of a body dismembered, a body with many members, spread across the room, evading its own contours. If the body is something larger than its parts, where does it begin and where does it end? Where does a body draw power from? What are its assets? In this performance, Xenia Taniko orchestrates the singular body as an intricate network of textures and relations, affect and effect, power play and interdependence. Mesh&Wire is the first chapter within an ongoing process of work investigating prosthetic nature, questioning monolithic concepts of subjectivity and order. 

Xenia Taniko is an artist based in Berlin working in performance and choreography. Her works engage raw materials, found objects, movement research and sound in order to examine physical embodiment and its politics. Xenia is a member of the collective female trouble and co-founder of their public platform VULVA CLUB. She  has studied Politics & Philosophy in Leipzig and Paris and is a 2016 graduate of HZT/University of the Arts Berlin (Dance, Context, Choreograph). In varying roles, she has worked with and for other artists  such as Agata Siniarska, Roni Katz, Hana Erdman, Ania Nowak, Julia Gladstone, deufert&plischke, Simone Aughterlony. Her solo and collaborative works have been presented at Dock 11, Uferstudios, Sophiensaele, ausland, nGbK Berlin, P-Bodies Festival Leipzig (DE); Het Veem Theatre (NL); BAZAAR Festival Prague (CZ); Volksroom Brussels (BE); Luxembourg Art Week (LUX); Abrons Art Center, Judson Memorial Church (US), amongst others. 

God’s Parrot

A performance by Scali Delpeyrat, with the complicity of Peter Snowdon

« You will find nearby a house at whose gates there are a number of parrots in cages, discussing topics like : ‘Do the Vedas have self-validity or do they depend on some external authority for their validity ? Are karmas capable of yielding their fruits directly, or do they require the intervention of god to do so ? Is the world eternal, or is it a mere appearance ?’ When you find this strange phenomenon of caged parrots discussing such abstruse philosophical problems, know that to be the gate of Mandana’s place. » (The Kâmashâstra of Nandi).

Scali Delpeyrat is a French actor, director and author for the stage. As an actor, he has worked with Bernard Sobel, Philippe Adrien, Brigitte Jacques, Olivier Py, Jacques Lassalle, David Lescot, Clément Poiré, Bruno Podalydès, Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, Emmanuel Bourdieu, Agnès Jaoui,  Valérie Mrejen, Eric Forestier, Léa Fazer, and Sofia Coppola. Scali Delpeyrat has written and directed for the stage: Jouir/Mourir (on St John of the Cross), Nouvelles Formes (co-authored with Irina Dalle), Duplicatus (a dark burlesque on family life), Dance is a dirty job…. (on the relationship between Michael Jackson and Fred Astaire), Décrochage (on the work of the painter François Kenesi), Amphithéâtre (on the relationship between love and immunology), Puisque nous sommes ici (on ghosts), Mon stand-up (a sort of autobiography), and most recently La Rose en céramique (commissioned by the 2018 Avignon Festival d’Avignon, in collaboration with the Belgian circus artist Alexander Vantournhout). He was awarded the Prix du Public Danse élargie for Le Ménisque (published by Les Solitaires Intempestifs),  which was staged under his direction at the Théâtre de la Ville / Les Abbesses.