Pages Magazine

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Pages was started in 2004 by artists Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi as an ongoing project, examining the possibilities of interaction and reflection between various local discourses and condition that may generate spaces of critique or instances of critical practices.

Pages project is defined through activities, such as the publication of a bilingual Farsi/English magazine, architectural proposals, video documentations and installation works.

With a particular focus on the Iranian context, Pages emphasises on those artistic practices that communicate the specific conditions in which they are produced, those socio-political circumstances against which an artistic production is inevitably read as a discourse. Yet, the specificity of the Iranian situation has triggered discussions of a broader context. Addressing issues with regard to locally specific conditions can bring one closer to the reality of these issues, problematizing their common notions and triggering their re-articulation. Pages tries to constantly point to those intricacies and dissonances within and among local currents that give way to alternative chains of meanings, relations and coincidences. As such, Pages activities are taken as ongoing processes of research, which inevitably tend to undermine predefined and geographically bound notions of subjectivity and locality. Both the projects and the bilingual magazine undergo constant rethinking of their disposition in regard to the social and political contexts to which they refer