PLACES and BODIES in TRANSIT - applied speculations within virtual and analog localities - 23.11.2023

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Publiée 2023-11-15
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applied speculations within virtual and analog localities

International artists from the Translocal Performative Academy (TPA) are present in Brussels to unfold their space-related performative practices and negotiate their newly created virtual meeting platform for an ongoing interdisciplinary dialogue.

Since 2022 a transdisciplinary group of artists, who understand the origin of their practice as space-related and body-centered, meet once a month digitally to have a peer to peer exchange and art based research. Within this digital laboratory, they create every month a different virtual space with certain rules in order to seek methods for reflecting, exchanging experiences, and sharing perceptions beyond language and translocally. Through this digital object-oriented discourse within changing spatial relationships, the program generates new forms of knowledge. The artists based in Europe and Southeast Asia meet once a year in an analog setting. After the analog encounter in Vienna and Jakarta, they meet for the third time in Brussels.

an insight in the TPA october 2023 virtual space

We want to invite you to join our third analog encounter in Brussels. We want to open our methods, work tools, and concerns, as well as our works in relation to others.

November 23, 2023, 17:00

Presenting and discussing the TPA: methods, tools and participants


87, rue du Page, 1050 Brussels

November 25, 2023, 19:00

Performative settings between the virtual and the analog TPA

with the brussels participants and further digital participants of TPA

projection room

55, Rue de Praetère, 1180 Ukkel

In Brussels with Claudia Bosse choreographer, artist, initiator of the TPA (D/A), Juli Reinartz choreographer, researcher (D), Alexander Schellow artist, filmmaker (D/B), Dea Widya architect, artist (ID), Yola Yulfianti choreographer (ID), Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, art historian, curator (A), Joanna Zabielska architect, digital artist (PL/A), Pi (A) musician, computer artist.

TPA is a four-year research program (2022-2025) and was founded by Claudia Bosse and theatercombinat to negotiate possible relationships between bodies, materials, living beings, structures and spaces. It is about trans-cultural organizations as artistically resilient and networked structures and about new artistic ecologies, as life cells of our society. TPA aims to provide artists with a different view of their own work, in the sense of a ‘re-perspectivization’ that emerges in dialogue with colleagues working in other local contexts and with other artistic methods, between global South and global North, and local, analogue, digital, translocal and hybrid artistic articulations.

The third analog meeting in Brussels is made possible by theatercombinat in cooperation with ERG - Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Projection-Room and Dance Nucleus Singapore.

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translocal performative academy (TPA)