Myriam Van Imschoot

De erg

Publiée 2017/02/21
Conférence le 7 mars 2017 à 16h00

Myriam Van Imschoot 
07.03.2017 - 4pm

(c) Rino Sys, Presentation Oral Site in Vrijstaat O, Ostende, 2015

Myriam Van Imschoot (1969, Brussels) is the founder of Oral Site (, a project space that was developed in 2012 together with writers, sound artists and programmers of OSP. They created an open source software Olga that enables the users of Oral Site to experiment online with expanded publications, parallel documentation, and digtal art creations. In her talk Myriam Van Imschoot will reflect on the curatorial lines of Oral Site, past and fututre, and sketch the way this initiative is intertwined with artistic practices, interests in orality and sitely/unsitely aesthetics, to say it with a term of Maria Miranda. During the talk it may become clear how every medium is anachronistic from the start and how technological incongruences can account for the making of its own ideosyncratic forms. In conclusion. Van Imschoot will launch the newest Oral Site artist pubication : Skcolidlog and Other Inversions by the artist duo Effi and Amir and give space to the reseachers of ARG to report on their project Animarchive which is hosted by Oral Site.

Open to all students and teachers