Metal Engraving

De erg

Professor: Anne Valkenborgh

Students will develop a personal work, informed by an interest or a concept. Their ideas will evolve along the visual and technical exploration of various documents associated to diverse artistic domains, such as literature, music, dance; linked to current events, such as newspapers, reviews; and translating the myriad personal, political, social and environmental experiences that make up our surrounding world… The traces of this creative work will be left through engraving techniques and others if needed. The choice of techniques thus depends on the students’ approach, and may lead them to other productions. Therefore, the production and the concept shall necessarily evolve concomitantly. This work will not be an end in itself, but an in-depth research, conducted in close relation to a relevant, personal preoccupation, with an eye on its own artistic becoming. Students shall elaborate a definite support to show their work to an audience: a book, an exhibition, an installation…