Master Art Practice - Critical Tools

De erg

Professors/Coordination: Eric Angenot, Marcel Berlanger, Eleanor Ivory Weber,Magali Michaux, Guy Woueté

The Art Practice - Critical Tools Master program seeks to develop an artistic project whose experimental, reflexive and critical dimensions contribute to the shaping of potentialities. We are particularly attentive to the propositional forces art may bring to society, and to the way the creativity and subjectivity of artists may allow to underline a number of contemporary issues and help build novel forms. Each student is invited to develop their practice in a broad perspective that takes into account the economy and the ecology of their work; that weaves links between their artistic practice and other aspects of their life; that questions their mode of existence; and that posits art practice as an active, constructive reflection able to transform the artist’s relationship to the world and their environment. To this end, the APCT Master program is particularly attached to the notion of commons, to what we share, with whom, and how we share it. By placing a focus on the issue of contexts, the APCT Master program seeks to enable artists to define the frames of reference of their work, which include established networks dedicated to art as well as other kinds of societal contexts. We wish encourage the emergence of experimental, hybrid practices, open to new artistic modes, and questioning the influences and the consequences of artistic gestures. To this end, we do not understand artistic references as models, but as tools for emancipation that enable the invention of singular forms. We place a special focus on the students’ capacity to develop their own autonomy, as well as their own creative and active abilities.

Linked courses : Art Practice Seminar, Histoire et théorie des arts, Making A Fecund Portal, Reading, Listening, Speaking Seminar