Making A Fecund Portal

De erg

Making a Fecund Portal / Artistic Practices – Social Criticism

Professor: Guy Woueté

Being present and thinking tomorrow’s history in a pluralistic way. Africa is everywhere, and yet its citizens always have to struggle in order to vanquish anonymity, to surpass stereotypes, to unceasingly reclaim their part in humanity. In today’s world, otherness has become manifest; cities – from Brussels to Paris, from Johannesburg to Lagos by way of Kinshasa, Toronto, Medellin or Berlin – brim with the diversity that shapes our planet. The (political) systems of governance as we know them – incessantly promoting relationships of power and domination – are increasingly losing their barriers and are challenged by the awakening of civil consciousness. But within the tears of its changes/transformations in ways of doing and of thinking: what form of becoming must we choose? How do we make our present moment? Miscellaneous event, artists, or artworks will all be the starting point of a performative discussion, a free and open commentary. We will not dwell on historical answers and solutions; we will seek questions that remain to be asked.

Course linked to the Master Art Practice - Critical Tools