Isabel Burr Raty

De erg

Isabel Burr Raty is an independent filmmaker, performance artist, coach and associated researcher in, exploring the ontological crack between the native and the engineered, between the unlicensed knowledge of the relocated and the official facts. In so doing, she aims to dig up chapters left out of history books, blur the limits between fiction/reality and re-think the memory of the future.

Isabel is based in Brussels, where she develops her second feature film set in Easter Island (supported by Media Fund) and her artistic research, which interweaves new media with live/body art, proposing hybrid narratives and bio-autonomy practices, that play with synthetic magic and compose in situ Sci-Fi stories. Isabel participates in collective art projects on a regular basis, having presented her works and collaborations in venues such as: KVS Theater, ZSeene Art Lab, Beursschouwburg (Brussels); Palais de Tokyo Paris, ISEA Hong Kong and Cultivamos Cultura Portugal.

Isabel’s performative lectures have taken place in festivals such as TTT Corfu Greece, Border Sessions The Hague and Science Friction Enschede, the Netherlands.

She teaches the Media Theory B2 course.