Installation - Performance (MA)

De erg

Professors : Christoph Fink, Coraline Guilbeau, Oriol Vilanova

The field of Installation and Performance is relatively broad and by its nature welcomes a multitude of practices. The course thus develops a transdisciplinary approach and attempts to focus on the question of the experience (or rather the taming) of space-time. The workshop offers a framework for work and thought where students have the possibility to conduct concrete experiments that aim to rethink what is meant by the notions of "work" (and of course, performative works), "publication", "exhibition", "dissemination", "public", etc.

This year the KUNSTHALLE POMPEI was invented and created in the course room (ERG, Brussels). The KUNSTHALLE POMPEI is the fiction of a new institution specifically dedicated to contemporary art, independently directed and managed by artists. The primary objective of this KUNSTHALLE POMPEI is to support experimentation where each actor decides in which way, process or device he makes his work public. The KUNSTHALLE POMPEI is basically an alibi, a fiction in which we believe with all our heart. With this story that we write together, we try to consider the quality of the work and research of the students enrolled in the Installation-Performance course. By drawing an imagined framework on existing models we try to understand with them what is meant by: an institution, a curatorial program, the communication of a work, etc., to redefine these models, to question them, to criticize them. In essence, we are learning and refining our understanding, comprehension, collaboration at the