Film Experiments

De erg

Professors: Labobine Collective

Experimental cinema tries to reinvent its own language. Lagging behind the film industry, it allows us to redeploy our perception spaces, to keep, re-listen, re-sense, to think again. In this perspective, the practice of film at Labobine is an opportunity to experiment, in the digital age, with a primitive dimension of cinema in order to better question it: its support, its chemistry, its materiality and its projection spaces. The Erg's experimental silver film laboratory therefore opens the field to alternative practices, and is intended as a collective space for exchange. Development with renewable chemistry, coffee, beer, wine, chemical and manual interventions on the film will be the agents that will release the images enclosed in the emulsions. Any form of filming and assembly - found film or family film, developed or not, shot or not, shot or not - or setting up - installation, performance or wild projection, each playing in its own way with the mechanics of cameras, projectors and acetate film, will be as much ground to explore to build new ways of perceiving.