ERGTV Workshop

De erg


WORKSHOP / 20 Novembre from 3pm / ouvert à tou-te-s


The workshop is open to students attached to the process of ergTV - or those who would like to join in the future. We will engage a reflection together with Benoit Pabis, initiator of Project(ion) Room and host of the base location of ergTV. The discussion and collective feedback session takes the example of the last live experience of the „show“ on the 6th of November, in order to confront and critically relate the realities of a alternative workspace with its very specific conditions and a such hybrid form of collective artistic practice.

ERGtv est un spectacle

Physique et numérique

Réalisé, monté et diffusé en temps réel

Grâce aux sources ouvertes

Devant une audience 1 et 2.0.

Son approche est transdisciplinaire Sans d'autres contraintes

Que seul.e.s les étudiant.e.s Soient aux commandes.