Digital arts / Coding (MA)

De erg

Professor : Yves Bernard

In Master 1, the workshop helps students in building their personal projects and composing their dissertation. Each step of the process is tracked and leads to the creation of digital documents published on line: statement of intent, conception file, design file, positioning in relation to the current art practices, studies/prototypes/models, documentation of the production and iteration process, documentation of the work’s exhibition and its relation with the public. In order to avoid misleading approaches and shifting toward secondary issue, an insistence will be put on the necessity of a global approach (in terms of design) for the creation of the project and its interactions with the audience and the exhibition space. We will help students to re-contextualize their suggestions within current practices providing them references to the most significant, revealing and relevant works in relation to their projects. Finally, students are accompanied in the experimentations and technical solutions related to their projects by helping them in their research, by directing them toward various useful resources (documentation, code, software tools, persons of reference, etc.). At the end of the project, we will assess, together with the students, the potential for diffusion of their works and advise them on festivals, artistic organizations, art centers or galleries.