Breathing Strange Utterances Experiments in Queering Artistic Feedback - 29.11.2023

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Publiée 2023-11-23
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Breathing Strange Utterances, Experiments in Queering Artistic Feedback

- in the frame of Installation/Performance course -

In this talk, Elioa Steffen will share In Pursuit of Otherwise Possibilities’ (IPOP) research into queering artistic feedback. For the last three years, IPOP has been convening the Queer Feedback Sessions (QFS), a communal artistic-educational research project. The QFS investigates how to better support LGBTQ+ artists and students through feedback and how this learning can improve arts education and development more broadly. Delving into IPOP’s philosophies, structure, and practical activities, this talk will provide tangible methodologies and exercises for educators and artists who want to queer their practices and pedagogies. IPOP was formed by Szymon Adamczak and Elioa Steffen in 2020 and was developed with QFS participants and co-researchers Joy Brandsma, Ahmed El Gendy, Alexander Blum, Antje Nestel, Rising Lai, Noha Ramadan, Toni Kritzer, Rita Bifulco, Valentina Campora, Agne Auzelyte, Yu Liang-Kai, Chris Dupuis, Laura Boser, Maria Walhout, Cyd Sturgess, Simomo bouj, Toni Brell.

Elioa Steffen (She/her, US/NL) is a trans curator, educator, and performance maker whose work focuses on the intersection of communal narratives, cultural norms, and systemic violence. Heavily influenced by queer art lineages, Elioa’s work melds critical theory, camp, and drag. In 2021, Elioa co-founded with Szymon Adamczak In Pursuit of Otherwise Possibilities, Queer Performance Pedagogy and Feedback (IPOP) an educational, artistic research platform exploring how institutions can better foster queer artists and practices. Elioa holds a Masters in Theatre from DAS Theatre (AHK.) Find out more at

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To learn more about IPOP see our website or read our zine Queering Artistic Feedback.We are also particularly indebted to Kate Morales’ explorations of an anti-colonial queer pedagogy. See So You Want to Queer Your Pedagogy (attached) and Queerness Taught me That. An Open Letter to the Radical Educators of the Ecoverse and Beyond

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