Workshop avec l’artiste Walid Sadek

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Publiée 2013/09/07
Appel à candidature

Workshop avec l’artiste Walid Sadek (vit à Beyrouth, Liban)

Du 16 au 19 octobre 2013 (en anglais)

Erg Galerie

Groupe de 6 étudiants (les étudiants participant sont dispensés de leurs cours durant ces quatre jours).

Nous vous invitons à déposer votre candidature via le formulaire d’inscription disponible auprès de Sammy Del Gallo, avant le jeudi 10 octobre 2013, 12h00.

On the labour of ruin

“Prevalently framed as a posthumous figure, or that which lives on in spite of its death, the survivor is a quizzical figure that tarries on the edges of history and in the folds of interminable therapies. Posthumous, it is a figure which reenacts symptomatically the failures of history and as such it is seen as an impediment to the reconstruction of society along normative guidelines. But the persistent conditions of protracted civil-war in Lebanon call for a re-conceptualization of the figure of the survivor along another temporal axis. No longer posthumous, the survivor is not an over-liver but rather a witness who knows too much carrying the burden of an unwelcome but necessary knowledge. What is this figure of survivor and how can it be re-conceptualized as non-posthumous ? What is this excess knowledge that it carries ? How are we to think the making of art and the writing of history through this figure and what are the images that it continues to safeguard ?

This workshop considers these questions and raises the possibility of re-thinking the ruin not as that which remains after loss but rather as that which is to be built by non-posthumous survivors ; their labour of ruin.”

Walid Sadek.

Over the last few years, Walid Sadek has grappled with these questions and produced two pieces titled "Would that a survivor" (2013), and "For when Aeneas bears Anchises" (2010). He has made sketches for a third piece titled "A belly of pardons" which will be realized and exhibited at erg’s gallery (19 octobre - 8 novembre 2013). The conversation with the students will develop during the installing of the work.