Vivian Chinasa Ezugha - Tongues – speaking from the unknown - 05-06-07.09.2022

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Publiée 2022-09-02
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This workshop will look at the tongue as a new type of theatre space. Participants will explore their mouths and voices in a series of playful activities aimed at broadening their vocal spectrum.

The voice as a space, a source, a vision, an object, or a place for incorporation. With or without words, with or without understanding, from other levels of consciousness…, how the body responds to the voice, how to respond to various languages, songs, tones…

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha is a British artist of Nigerian origin, who lives and works in Hampshire. Her interdisciplinary practice encompasses performance, film and drawing. She is interested in history and how it is represented in everyday life. For her, performance is an embodiment of past, present and future experiences. Born in Nigeria, Enugu State, in 1991, Ezugha makes work that connects her to her cultural heritage and questions about her identity as a black woman living in England. A graduate of Aberystwyth University School of Art and a Masters in Creative Performance from Goldsmiths, Ezugha’s work has been presented across Europe, America and the UK, including SPILL Festival, Performance Space, In Between Time Festival, ECOS, Songs for President and Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival. Vivian is also the founder of Live Art in Wymondham, a series of one-day, site-specific events that have brought emerging artists working in live art to rural Norfolk. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Exeter and a research associate at the Centre for Contemporary Art Derry Londonderry. She is also co-director of the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) in London.



09:00 > 17:00

erg, Brussels


09:00 > 17:00

erg, Brussels


09:00 > 17:00

erg, Brussels

The workshop is open to students and young artists interested in performance art.

No special skills required. Catering provided.

The ten participants commit themselves to follow the workshop for the entire three days, at the end of which a public opening will take place.

Opening on 07/09/2022 – 18:15

Application (with a motivation letter and a link to a performance video): before 01/09/2022.


Curators: Lucille Calmel and Antoine Pickels