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The erg seminar

The seminar brings together students, researchers, teachers and is open to the public around conferences, discussions, projections, musical moments and performances, inviting philosophers, historians, scientists, artists, writers, dancers, filmmakers and musicians to present their work and share their research and ongoing work. The erg is fully invested in art research and the annual seminar actively participates in it, not considering history and theory as separate entities from artistic practices, but rather as a necessary and inherent part of any relevant project in today's artistic context.

Weeks of creative and research exercise and WinterSchool

Three times a year, the erg organizes a transdisciplinary creative and research activity program called the Creative and Research Exercise Week and WinterSchool. Structured around proposals from teachers and guest speakers from outside the school, this programme aims to re-articulate the pedagogies put in place and to re-invent them by breaking down the barriers between orientations. It will be open to all, without pre-requisites and will allow everyone to confront a different practice, therefore to think differently about the relationship to art. The teachers and guests will offer workshops, meetings and readings within the various erg teaching centres, in a spirit of community and knowledge sharing.

Erg Gallery

Erg Galerie is a place located at the entrance of the erg where teachers and students can organize exhibitions, discussions, master classes and all other proposals. These activities can be internal to the erg or open to the public.

The Gallery is managed by students, teachers and the erg administration. Do not hesitate to express your interest if you wish to participate in its management.

The BàG

BàG (Glove Box) is a project that aims to limit the loss of materials within the erg and to revalue them as a raw material.

Students will be able not only to buy the materials, but also to sell them to BàG if they meet the criteria of the project charter.

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Documentation and reading collection of the erg.

The student council sets up a documentation and reading fund at the erg. The fdddl comes from a desire to open a space inside the school dedicated to reading and the exchange of ideas. A kind of archive that juxtaposes a panel of the productions of several generations of students and some books that have marked their studies and have become references for them. The fdddl would thus make the history of the school present and visible by taking stock of the work carried out and the subjects addressed by its students. A way to get an overview of the erg's unique project.


Laboratory for pelicular experimentation (Super8, and 16mm)

Created in 2016, LABOBINE is an autonomous space created within the erg, allowing to work with 16mm and super8 film, but also photography. At the heart of this project, we find the transdisciplinarity of the school, experimentation, and the desire to share more and more with newcomers. Workshops are organized to train the curious and empower them in the lab so that they in turn train other curious people. Information and details by email.

Commando radio

The research, experimentation and sound diffusion cell at the erg and beyond.

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Typology library

Typographies drawn by erg students. Available as is, under open source license, free to be modified.


Plancube is a permanent temporary display area that highlights attitudes, strategies and gestures related to the sign. This project opens up to a wide diversity of graphic sign practices that question its meaning, seriousness and/or form. Open to all, Plan cube is a place of diffusion and is part of a collaborative dynamic. This exhibition space established at the erg invites you to grab it and exhibit it.


dépôt.local is a bimonthly publication hosted by the erg. At each issue, a teacher is invited to share a selection of digital files.

Starting from the "manifestos" of 1973 and 1975, the common thread is an approach to the school in meta. The guest teacher posts traces, statements, excerpts that do not necessarily reflect his or her course but rather the life of the student.