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Over the past ten years, tendencies towards polarisation and discrimination in the wider society have had a perceptible influence on attitudes and behaviours within education with forceful impacts on inclusive learning and teaching in our classrooms.

In attempts to meet these threats to diversity and pedagogical inclusivity we identify the pressing need to respond to these political and social issues. Intersectionality asserts that oppressions (based in racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.) are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another. Critical intersectional feminist pedagogies have, by now, been proven to provide valuable conceptual and practical tools with which to focus on inclusivity. This is particularly true in the field of art, where teaching is known to be open to devising and applying new critical frameworks, tools of analysis and creative practices. Read more about TTTToolbox.

Teaching To Transgress Toolbox* is a no-credit collective research and study programme on critical pedagogy using artistic tools based on peer-learning and collective research. The whole project runs for two years (2019-2021). The actual study programme is structured in four one-week workshops during 2020 and is developed transnationally by three European art schools, erg in Brussels, HDK/Valand in Göteborg and ISBA in Besançon. It is funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Grant.

  • The title is inspired by bell hooks’ book Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom.

Caroline Dath, Loraine Furter & Xavier Gorgol

Restitution TTTT

1–3 December 2020

A public conversation inviting teachers and students from various schoold in France and beyond to a 3-day seminar Pédagogie critique en école d’art on critical pedagogy in the arts during the Covid-19 crisis and sharing some of the works/concerns of the Teaching To Transgress Toolbox programme. The event series is developed in conjunction with the art school Villa Arson in Nice, France. [See public programme.]( (

Sharing practices and tools on critical pedagogy

16, 18, 20 November 2020

A three-day online workspace organised by ISBA Besancon that builds on the previous workshop Sparring Partners. This workshop will offer working time to develop and sharing first findings by the different groups working on issues such as the notion of neutrality in the classroom, the gender of language, rethinking admission policies, the institutional body, emotions in the classroom, how to agree to disagree, the complexities of pronoun- and access rounds, among others.

Sparring Partners

6, 8, 10 June 2020

A three-day online workspace organised by HDK/Valand, Göteborg University. We will investigate the complexities of an institutional body. Meet and work this body through its members, its language, its movements, its protocols, its entry points, its questions. And then, what did we learn?

Forming Ties

12 March 2020, 17.00 > open end

In the last months many new initiatives, groups and ideas havebeen created at Göteborg University and beyond. We would like to invite you all to a get together, so that we can meet and see each other to share ideas, experiences, contacts and resources to strengthen networks of feminist, anti-racist, anti-fascist, emancipatory solidarity within the university and beyond. @HDK-Valand, Glashuset, entrance Chalmersgatan 5, Göteborg.

How to say it?

27 > 31 January 2020

Workshops hosted by erg, école de recherche graphique, Brussels. We will examine modes of transmission as political tools: inclusive writing, non-binary languages, alternative voices, critical body.

A collective Interview

with Nassira Hedjerassi

Monday 27 January 2020 18:30 > 20:00

Education as the Practice of Freedom

Sociologist specializing in popular education and feminisms, Nassira Hedjerassi is also a professor of education sciences at the Sorbonne University. She works on the work of bell hooks and has prefaced her works in France. TTTToolbox participants will prepare a collective interview. @erg, rue du page 87, 1050 Bruxelles

A collective Teaching To Transgress Toolbox performance

with sounds from ILL-SYL

Thursday 30 January 2020 18:30 > 22:00

We will examine modes of transmission as political tools: inclusive writing, non-binary languages, alternative voices, critical body. Work in progress by the TTTToolbox participants. @De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5 rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains, 1000 Brussels

Times & Spaces

— 11/03/19 : Seminar — Les Cahiers du Grif

On March 11, 2019 from 16h to 19h30 will take place at the erg a seminar around "Les Cahiers du Grif" - pioneering feminist magazine born in Belgium in the early 70s - as part of a cycle entitled Reread the Cahiers GRIF composed of a series of moments in several places and cities until June 2019.

— 21/02/19 : Colloque Sophia — Intégration d'une communication inclusive

with Eliane Viennot, Maria Candea, Alpheratz Teaching To Transgress propose an atelier with Caroline Dath called "Vers une communication visuelle inclusive et non-binaire" specially dedicated to the results of the Workshop Gender Fluid — Bye bye binary and focused on typography and relations of power.

— 14 > 15/11/18 : Workshop Gender Fluid — Bye bye binary

"Des imaginaires possibles autour d’une typographie inclusive" at RoSa

— 31/01/18 > 01/02/18 : Erg Séminaire — le R.E.I.N.E

Proposals for amendments to the RE *

  • Regulation of studies, formerly R.O.I. (Internal Regulations, from the French Règlement d'Ordre Intérieur), today R.E.I.N.E.

— 23 > 24/03/18 : TRANS//BORDER — Collaborative exhibition around Nathalie Magnan’s work — Mucem — Marseille

The project TRANS//BORDER, linked with the Mucem in Marseille, inviting different schools to react on Nathalie Magnan’s work and existence. The project is building up, on ERG participation, with a group of proposed students to work based on the intervention of Nathalie Magnan at ERG seminar in 2011, named «Limites» questioning LGBTQI++ rights, activism, migration, etc. (...)

— 16 > 20/10/17 : Teaching To Transgress — Sophia’s conference (Belgian Gender Studies Network

For Sophia’s seminar, Gender studies in Belgium. A State of the Art, we are proposing a workshop in which participants are invited to share references and experiences that could be useful to think about gender and intersectional representations in the pedagogies of art. We had a hard time finding texts, tools and methodologies on the topic. The ones we found are mostly in English and were not translated yet. We will bring them at the workshop to share them with you. A lot remains to be gathered, built and thought, with different tools and languages, and we hope to be able to start this work collectively with you!

— 06 > 07/07/17 : Teaching To Transgress — Summer School — ART PASSING TRANS* — MtF FtM Ft* Mt* *tF *tM *t*

In the frame of ERG Summer School, we are organising the next meeting dealing with Trans* questions, named Art passing Trans*. We will propose during 2 days 7 different workshops on the Trans* position, in between art and activism : dragking workshop, lectures, fierce attitude, DJ workshop, movies,…

— 28/04/17 : Teaching To Transgress — References

The last day of the week was the Teaching To Transgress meeting about References. The references as a pedagogical tool. What references do you use in pedagogical contexts on intersectionnal/feminist/post-colonial/queer/trans? How to integrate intersectional/feminist/post-colonial/queer/trans references in a pedagogical program? How to transmit them? How to talk about them? How do you position yourself in relation to them? As an activist practice or not?

— 24 > 26/04/17 : Worksession Vibes and Leaks — Voice & Body

The workshop was inviting Jara Rocha, Kym Ward and Xavier Gorgol to work together on the topic of voice and its performativity. The proposition was open to interventions from the participants, the scores and exercises were calling different positions from body based to lectures and work presentations. Our interest was to implement body knowledges in the process of working together.

— 11/03/17 : Teaching To Transgress — Building the network

A first gathering to build a network of people concerned by the questions of genders, post-colonialism, intersectional, queer and situated feminisms in the pedagogy of art. The morning was dedicated to a round of presentations, the afternoon on group discussions on different topics that emerged in the morning: post colonialism/de-colonialism, inside/outside the territories, inclusive languages, bodies, trans-individuality/collectivity, institutions, commons, care. The closing together helped us understanding how everyone would be involved in the network. The tool used during this day was a digital pad (collaborative writing online) that we opened on this occasion to share information, exchange with each other, share the sources (contacts, references, video links, musical links, etc.). The pad is also a tool to connect through distance and time. (

Podcasts (in French)