Sofia Caesar

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Sofia Caesar makes videos, performances, sculptures, and installations. The body in motion is central to her work. She often engages herself and the public in seeing how the structures that act on us, such as architecture, language, or the camera, can be played with. In her works, we often see bodies escaping the forces that control them, creating a language of their own. In Caesar’s works, structures that surround her become scripts to be performed. An interview becomes a partition for a collective reading. An archival film is transformed into a trajectory on the floor. A work contract, a sign post that can be pointed at multiple directions. A surveillance system, a track for running. The sunset, a time to sit still. This exercise of creating choreographic scores with the world around her, allows Caesar to amplify moments of liberation. From structures that would otherwise be overpowering, Caesar finds dance and noise.

She currently has a solo show running at Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro: Canseira, (07/10/2019-30/11/2019). She has participated in exhibitions such as 6th Moscow Biennial (RUS); Delirium & Destiny, A Tale of a Tub Rotterdam (NL); Transperformance 2, Oi Futuro (RJ, BR); EDP Award, Instituto Tomie Othake (Sao Paulo, BR), among others. She won the Rumos Itaú Cultural 2018 prize and her work “Worker leaves the factory (conditions for the work)” is part of the permanent collection of Parco d’Arte Vivente, Torino (IT).