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Professor : Julien Dutertre

In the age of the Internet and new technologies, of ever faster communication and information networks, present and yet too little questioned, this course will try to understand and reveal the other side of the picture, to enter the black box to analyze its functioning. Initially, this analysis will be conducted through code and programming, the real engine and backbone of all infrastructures and systems. We will enter this analysis through HTML and CSS, which will allow us to style, layout and above all display texts, contents, images, animations and generative practices (imagemagik, processing, p5.js). Then, the creation of a web application (via the flask framework) will lead us to a better understanding of the workings behind each click and an introduction to the python programming language. Then, the implementation of this web application will take place on a local server configured within the course on a Raspberry Pi, which will give us the opportunity to better understand this type of tools. The mastery of these tools will then be the means to explore the possibilities related to the installation, the automation and the interaction within the framework of an experimental practice (system video playback/multiple synchronized screen, reactive/participative sculpture/installation, data server, capture/broadcast). This course will also propose to create a chat room type communication system in Python in order to understand the client/server relationship and the entanglement of information flows. All these notions will be approached through the prism of Open Source, sharing and collaboration, always keeping in mind a certain digital sobriety (adapting tools to needs, making a reasonable use of bandwidth, servers and technologies). The objective of this course will be to popularize and demystify these different technologies and languages in order to be able to reinterpret and divert them, so that everyone can take advantage of them according to their practice and their questions. Notions and values

-> . digital sobriety

. adapting tools to needs, thinking about a more frugal way of thinking about technology and its use

-> open source and open hardware . sharing and collaboration, invitation to modify and divert -> experimentation and curiosity Techniques and Practices

-> . introduction to markup language

. html ( + css ) . markdown

-> discovery of flat file and noSql

-> . digital manipulation

. images -> [ processing , p5.js , imagemagik , ... ]

. texts -> [ curl , regex , python , processing , ... ]

. data -> [ database , csv , .... ]

. linux and ssh 1

-> . internet and networks

. creation of a web application or personal website (experimental personal project, research blog, portfolio, ... ) . discovery and experimentation with openWrt (creation of local networks, dns, mesh, wifi and ssid ... ) . development of a simple chatroom in python with server and multiple clients

-> Languages

. python

. bash

. processing

. html / css /js

- ssh