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Filmmaker, artist, critical educator. She works with drawing, video and animation to produce experimental documentaries about the relation between places, intimate stories and political topics. She mostly works on asylum, languages, ecology, feminism, decolonization, self-production and self-organization, using drawing, animation and storytelling as a tool to investigate, create relations, care and share. Parallel to her artistic research she collaborates with anthropologists, activists, musicians, poets, directors, dancers, architects, geographers, and she runs artistic, social and educational projects in cultural organizations, in grass root projects, reception centers, schools and universities in Europe, Tunisia and Mexico. Her activism influences her practice and topics, in filmmaking and workshop facilitation. She is part of the collective Corps Citoyen, based in Tunis and Milano; Orangotango - counter-cartography network; collective ScifiKo, were she activated the project “Ecologies of Future”, a serie of science-fiction film workshops about critical imagination of the future.