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Series of Propositions by the ANIMATION department

Parallel to the workshop by David Weber-Krebs around a performative sleeping practice and the proposition by GREYZONE ZEBRA COLLECTIVE at WIELS the ANIMATION department engages into three parallel and resonating processes:

An ANIMATION lab workshop in the gallery, open to department students and any guests, that will finalize in a finissage/party.

Location: erg gallery

Time: 21st January - 1st February

Participants: ANIMATION students and guests

Finissage/Party: 1st February

(The LaS- and Tirana-exchanges of the department will be financially supported by any income of the party.)


An one week residency at La S (Vielsalm) to be followed by a counter-exchange at the erg in March; in collaboration with Dominique Goblet and the Master bande dessinée.

Inside "LA S“ - a center for artists in situation of handicap, where collaborations with external art contemporary artists inscribe into a large variety projects, from music to drawing, etching and painting, animation, textile, ceramics… beside the impact of the collaborative practice itself LA S projects are widely spread around the world, at galleries, museums and concerts venues. The students here will displace themselves into a very specific working experience.

Location: La S (Vielsalm)

Time: 21st - 25th January

Participants: 9 students, previously selected by application


A sitcom workshop, exploring tools and strategies of live recording/broadcasting, engaging in a multifaceted process of video, sounds, installation, performance, animation and other.

Location: animation studio (0P08), erg gallery and other

Time: 21st - 25th January

Participants: ANIMATION students and guests