Workshop with Danny Devos - Data Dreaming and Their Effects on Both Human and Reptilian Consciousness (AI generated). - 24.03.2022

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Publiée 2022-03-08
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Jeudi 24 Mars de 14h00 à 18h00, local 1P01 (AN)

Creating artworks from a database of everyday facts with machine and hand tools.

Danny Devos also known as DDV, is a Belgian artist whose work primary involved body art and performance art since 1979. In the last 15 years his work gradually involved digital media and projects only to be seen on the internet, on [his own] websites but also on plenty of free platforms and blogs. Sculptural installations included grotesque heavy machines at first but evolved in the past few years to a form of 'Bonsai' sculptures involving 3D-print, precise CNC-milling,electronic parts and micro-controllers. In some of his latest projects, DDV explored Arficial Intelligence (AI) tools for text and image generation. DDV is the other half of Club Moral, an art organisaton and a noise band he created with AMVK. He is also the manager of the Mekano fablab of the Antwerp University Faculty of Design Sciences.

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During the workshop, students are steered to the events of the day on the 'Birth(+)Fact(x)Death(-)Calendar', a huge events database DDV compiled for more than 35 years. He will explain his current projects around this events database using text and image generation techniques based on AI. This database will be the starting point to produce an artwork with these AI techniques, but also with any techniques available to the student. The result can be a a poem, a movie, a sculpture, a digital application or whatever they find useful. The forced and limited choice of subjects learns students to get away from the beaten path of art and [re]discover the world as it is, using the past to create for the future. Moreover it develops the practice of using assistants to materialise one's artworks, not living humans but living AI machines.

image : capture d'écran de Sound as A Weapon, vidéo par DDV