Seminar: Politics and Graphic Experiment

De erg

1st semester

2nd semester

Teacher : Maryam Kolly

This course will familiarize students with the theoretical and methodological approaches of sciences studies and post-colonial studies. It aims to interrogate the conditions and effects (material and discursive) of scientific practices and the historical conditions of the production of "othering" within colonial and capitalist power structures - both phenomena being at the root of Euro-American modernity.

Rather than considering knowledge as an objective description of reality, this course seeks to grasp/show how the sciences actively participate in the transformation of reality. How is a scientific fact created? How did science and colonial power produce racist categories in Europe? How do the great divisions between nature and culture, reason and belief, science and politics still play a part in the distribution of privileges and disqualifications, roles and places between humans, and between humans and other creatures?

Course linked to the Master Editorial policy - Design and Politics of the Multiple.