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The Rideau de perles

The story behind
Two years ago, in the course of our practices, encounters & desires, some of us got caught up in imagining a library of queer, rare, stolen, scanned books, transformed into pdf. These writings are made available on a local network, including a selection of subversive pamphlets at free price from the infokiosk "Certaines d’Entre Nous"(Some of Us). All this, linked to events, readings, meetings, living things, so that it is not just a dead collection. We decided to call it "Rideau de perles" (Curtain of pearls), in reference to the curtain that separated the X-rated films from the rest in the video libraries of yesteryear.


We built a physical place, allowing to accommodate books, adjoining the Gallery, and a book scanner for the digital collection. We joined the Pandora network, available everywhere in the school, sidewalks included. We asked ourselves questions about the functioning of our library and we met people and collective who share the same practices

This year
We will focus on activating the Pearl Curtain by organizing monthly meetings of collectives, readings, projections, listening, and collective digitizations ... As many moments of sharing as of constitution of the collection.

Welcome !
Pass the curtain !

We invite you to listen to our first radio show which tells about our inspirations and our desires in the creation of this project.

Physical library

It's the purple block around 5m in the school hall, accessible through the gallery. Inside, there is a book scanner and a few physical books on the shelves, mostly classics of communication theory, sociology and philosophy which belonged to Alain François, a former professor at the ERG. As well as the fanzines of the infokiosk "Certaines d'entre nous"(Some of us).

Digital library

Pandora network

The virtual part of the bead curtain is accessible via by connecting to erg's wifi networks ' ' 'which transmits to the sidewalk 🏴‍☠️' ' '. To download books and organize your personal collections, you must create an account. If you want to see in advance the content of pandora outside the erg's wifi networks, you can do so thanks to our Zottero (see below section Zottero ).

You can also add a text to the Rideau de Perles whether it is political, artistic, poetic, new, diy, full of emotion, a little pretentious, beautiful, stolen or photocopied. The idea is that the pearl curtain is built thanks to the complicity of all.

For more info here is a tutorial that explains everything related to Pandora networks and how to access them.


To find out what pandora is full of you can go to Zottero du curtain de pearl.
It serves as the pandora inventory, a list accessible outside the wifi network of the erg but without the possibility of downloading documents.
Zottero is an online platform which aims to create biliography collaboratively (or not) as well as to share them virtually.

The Book

We built a book scanner. It was built with the aim of producing digital versions of books not yet available on the net. Downloadable and copyable digital books without limit or lock.

Scanner tuto :


We organize permanence every Thursday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.* at the gallery (with mask and social labels). (to be reconfirmed more precisely for the start of 2021 but there will definitely be permanence).

We are often 1 to 3 students from the Rideau de Perles. We are there to explain and discuss the project (your ideas-proposals-contributions to feed it are welcome), answer your questions, train you in the use of the scanner and pandora.

It is also a time when you can come and rest in peace to read the books and fanzines of the physical part of the rdp or come and borrow some.

To find us: we are either scanning some cool books in the RdP. Either we are placed on a table in the gallery (often with a few fanzines / books that you can consult on site) to work on the virtual part of the rdp.

* If you are unfortunately busy every Thursday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. to arrange another time with you (see below in the `` contact space).

Coming soon

  • More radio shows from rdp
  • expansion of the pandora contant
  • Collective digitization (if sanitary conditions allow it & hearts;)

Past events

  • Rideau de Perles's summer readings - every Thursdays of July and August 2021 (Weekly digital sharing of lectures around a theme to showcase what's in the Rideau de Perles digital library and have access to some cool reads for the summer).
  • Scanner construction - 2018


Mail :
Instagram : @lerideaudeperles
Mattermost : @rideau_de_perles-rdp

We look regularly and generally responds within a few days & hearts;

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