Cinéma d'animation

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(Animated Film)

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relational time-based practices

What is animation ? We address this question not only as a work-internal and/or technical concern, but eminently as a shifting concept, that has to be shaped through and within the very frame of a shared working space – in the individual practices, such as in the process of collective decision-making and realization of its aethetical, pedagogical and political distinctions.

Such general approach has a huge impact on the cocretely applied (self-)teaching/learning methodologies : it is not that the techniques make up a body of knowledge that is passed on to the students. But the work consists – practically from the beginning in BAC01 on, and more and more intensified towards BAC03 and MA – in identifying together the concepts, concerns and related demands of what is slowly shaping as each student’s practice. Those are critically reflected in close discussion with the teachers, but also in feedback-constellations with other students, that transgress the borders between bacchalor-, master- and phd-students, and namely between student- and teacher-position, towards an open form of collaboration.

The primarily multi-individual path is accompanied by collective propositions : live animation sessions, for example in dialogue with invited musicians, or regular workshops and interventions by external visiting artists allow for perspective-shifts and practical experiences within different „worlds“ of developed animation-related practices. From research-groups and –projects to particpation in occupations, from open screenings and regular collective work-dinners (‚colloqs’) hosted in different private appartments to works ‚on site’ as factual displacements (Tirana, Brussels, Marseille etc.) – we intend to stress the borders of an experiment „animation school“ to a point, where animation rather than being considered a technic is explored as a way to (inter)act within a world.

A selection of some traces of student works realized in the department can be discovered here

Cinéma d’animation (BA)

Cinéma d’animation (MA)