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Maintenance and Breakdown

Intersections of Care (Florence Cheval & Loraine Furter) invites Sofia Caesar

Lay under a fake sun

Let the laziness hit you

Cuddle with your phone

Look at images of people working, layed under a fake sun

Drain the battery of your phone

Let your body’s weight slowly fall

Fall down to the ground

Fall asleep

Drop your phone on the ground

Wake up cold

Initial score for Sofia Caesar’s new performance that will be staged at the group exhibition

“An island of many bridges”, final exhibition of this year’s HISK laureates.

The workshop accompanies a performance that will take place from Nov 21 at 18h and runs until Dec 15 in Gent. Students are welcome to join in the whole process of the performance or just the workshop.

No previous performing experience is required.

During the workshop Caesar will facilitate the group to spend time together, insisting on a state of rest.

For the performance, Caesar is installing some elements in the building where the exhibition takes place: fake sun heaters, rolled out carpets, oversized blankets, long worm-shaped pillows, warm laptops, semi-working phones, and a falling safety net. (Net = rede, and rede is a Portuguese word that means net, hammock, and network).

The workshop has a few guidelines: mainly it is about insisting on a state of rest. We will listen to music, hang out, relax, dance, chat, sleep, have food and drinks, be on the phone, etc., until other actions emerge: falling, sliding, splaying, dropping, breaking down, etc. There will be a score to be followed. And we will pursue the maintenance and the breakdown of our shared scores.


Sofia Caesar makes videos, performances, sculptures, and installations. The body in motion is central to her work. She often engages herself and the public in seeing how the structures that act on us, such as architecture, language, or the camera, can be played with. In her works, we often see bodies escaping the forces that control them, creating a language of their own. In Caesar’s works, structures that surround her become scripts to be performed. An interview becomes a partition for a collective reading. An archival film is transformed into a trajectory on the floor. A work contract, a sign post that can be pointed at multiple directions. A surveillance system, a track for running. The sunset, a time to sit still. This exercise of creating choreographic scores with the world around her, allows Caesar to amplify moments of liberation. From structures that would otherwise be overpowering, Caesar finds dance and noise. She currently has a solo show running at Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro: Canseira, (07/10/2019-30/11/2019). She has participated in exhibitions such as 6th Moscow Biennial (RUS); Delirium & Destiny, A Tale of a Tub Rotterdam (NL); Transperformance 2, Oi Futuro (RJ, BR); EDP Award, Instituto Tomie Othake (Sao Paulo, BR), among others. She won the Rumos Itaú Cultural 2018 prize and her work “Worker leaves the factory (conditions for the work)” is part of the permanent collection of Parco d’Arte Vivente, Torino (IT).

Intersections of Care is a research/experiment developed by Florence Cheval and Loraine Furter on display through the lens of intersectional feminism, supported by FRArt-A/R and Académie Royale de Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles. Florence Cheval is a curator, writer and teacher. Since 2017, she has been codeveloping Caveat, a collective research project initiated by Brussels-based platform Jubilee on the ecology of artistic practice ( She currently collaborates with Loraine Furter on Intersections of Care.

Loraine Furter is a transdisciplinary art worker. Trained as a graphic designer, she currently researches into mixing hybrid publishing and intersectional feminism. She is an affiliated researcher at Sint Lucas school of arts Antwerp and at A/R art and research. Her hybrid projects and her work with cyberfeminist collective Just for the record was shown/hosted/performed in spaces such as ISELP, La Bellone, Beursschouwburg in Brussels; CNEAI, Kandinsky Library in Paris, Fikra Design Biennial in Sharjah and Printed Matter in New York.


The workshop consists in delving into the practice of Sofia Caesar. It is co-organised in the presence of and in discussion with curator Florence Cheval.

Monday, Nov 18 (afternoon) in Erg, Brussels.

Tuesday, Nov 19 (afternoon): rehearsals and experiments in Gent (Coupure Rechts)

Thursday, Nov 21 - Dec 15: students are welcome to join the performance from Nov 21 at 18h in Gent.

Number of students: 15

LANGUAGE English or French

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