Christine Meisner

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Christine Meisner was born in 1970 in Nuremberg, Germany, and currently lives and works in Berlin and Brussels. Her projects have involved works and research on the African Diaspora and colonialism in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Brazil. “Disquieting Nature,” part of a trilogy examining landscape, music, and liberty, was first shown in 2012 in The Walther Collection’s exhibition Appropriated Landscapes, curated by Corinne Diserens. The work was later presented in 2013 in A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History at Centre Pompidou, Paris. Meisner has participated in many exhibitions including Landscape and Power at MOMUK Cinema, Vienna; the Berlin Documentary Forum; Drawing Documents at Extra City, Antwerp; and Uncomfortable Truths: The Shadow of Slave Trading on Contemporary Art at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Meisner teaches Experimental Drawing course in Masters at erg.

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