Writing as material, materials of writing

De erg

Professor: Raya Lindberg

1/ This course will present a general reflection on modern and contemporary literature based on authors and texts mobilizing an imaginary anchored in visual and documentary forms that express an aesthetics and a politics of language, mobilize the voice and stage the body. These texts will be the object of an analytic and experiential reading in order to transcend the “monoform” and open up to an alternative writing, decolonized from the mediated idioms of language.

2/ Literary practices, in the form of writing situations, will blend documents and writing. During dynamic sessions, we will distinguish the dialectical relation between speech and writing as well as between writing and document. The transmission of experience will imply a piece of writing without story, as well as a piece of writing without writing from the document. These procedures will include cutting-up and rearranging documentary fragments. We will reflect on ways of redirecting normal life, and of writing on reality from what it neglects in order to discover a form of expressivity devoid of predetermined subjectivity. These writing practices may lead to editorial or performed creations, experimental or completed.