De erg

Bachelor 1

Professors: collective

Learning Modules :

- Signe, Image, Icône, Glyphes, Emojis, Pictos, No-Logo

Professors : Laurent Baudoux, Alain Goffin

- Parler à la machine

Professors : Antoine Gelgon, Damien Safie

- Signe, Dessin, Dessin graphique

Professors : Laurent Baudoux, Sabine Voglaire

- Formats, canons, gaufriers, en marge super max-width!

Professors : Giampiero Caiti, Ludivine Loiseau

Bachelor 2 & 3

Professors: Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, Marie-Christophe Lambert, Ludivine Loiseau

The exercises suggested to students provide them with ideas for exploration and research and often confront them to tangible suggestions touching on the drawing or the space of letters – the layout. Students are lead to think about criteria of quality, readability and contemporaneity as well as the balance between substance and form.