Graphic design (MA)

De erg

Professor : Harrisson


The graphic design orientation of the master's degree is a place of experimentation with graphic forms for or through research. The master's programme exists because of what the students do with it, and for this reason they will be led to be actors in their proposals and not to respond to an established programme, by imagining possible forms for its publication and distribution. The person in charge of the orientation is open to the student's proposals and is in contact with the multidisciplinary workshops (MA) teachers with whom the student will be working.


The course consists of supporting students in investigating a graphic design that develops a form of research or a stage in a research process. The graphic designer, being a mediator, will also have to communicate both visually and orally.


To sit down in one's work, to carry out one's research seriously, to document oneself, to rely on events, to make proposals, to vary the points of view while taking advantage of the knowledge of each person on a collective level.


M1: evaluation in the form of a presentation of the research situation,

M2: individual assessment or joint presentation with the multidisciplinary workshop.