Graphic design- Experimental and critical practices (MA)

De erg

Professor : Françoise Tahon

The Masters in graphic design offers to reflect, together with students and people from the school and outside it, about the way in which one becomes an essential actor in the design and creation of artistic and communication projects [graphic design]. The course looks at graphic design as an analytical, reflection and investigation tool in a complex world. The central educational tool of the course is the book, its derivatives and its future. The image is shaped for its documentary and illustrative potential or as a central element of the project. The text is analyzed from an editorial point of view, the issue of meaning, and through typography, the issue context and form in relation to the content. The task is then to either provide a point of view on a specific question, to communicate the discovered artistic universe, to share ideas, or to transpose a method in one’s own practice. Short presentations and/or exercises look at essential points in a contemporary practice of graphic design, notably the role of technological changes in the professional development of graphic designers.