Dissertation Follow-up

De erg

Professor : Brigitte Ledune, Nicolas Prignot

The follow-up of the thesis is organized on the basis of individual meetings in order to allow students to define their research project and structure its content according to a methodological approach specific to their personal approach.

The steps:

- problematization of research (formulation of the subject, precision of the field of research, formulation of hypotheses)

- establishment and refinement of sources: bibliographic, oral, written, images, etc.

- implementation of a project-specific methodology (theoretical-plastic procedures, relevant cross-references between various sources, personal research by a writing device based on historical knowledge, events, analyses, meetings, etc.) - Memory of experience, practices, research, development of a theme, etc.

- help and advice in writing the project.

This course is therefore not the place for the concrete development of the thesis, which belongs to the student, but a space where methodological and practical indications are given.

Mandatory course for the 4 Masters: Art Practice - Critical Tools, Narratives and Experimentation / Speculative Narration, Artistic Practices and Scientific Complexity, Design and Politics of the Multiple (MA).