Digital programming

De erg

Professor: Lionel Maes

This course approaches computer codes as omnipresent tools demanding to be understood, studied, twisted, and diverted as a creative, committed individual. A focus will be placed on the emergence of singular writing forms, on understanding and confronting the fundamental notions of programming. By “teaching code-writing”, I intend to pass on the common logics, symbols and structures shared by the specific programming languages that will be studied. The aim is to provide reliable bases to learn any language in an autonomous manner, to be able to analyze and compose algorithms, to structure and truly “write with code.” Each notion will be systematically studied in relation to contemporary scientific, artistic and graphic writing practices. This course is organized over two consecutive years (BAC 2 and BAC 3), and covers a series of languages linked to front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript, SVG) or back-end web development (PHP, Python, XML, my SQL), linked to digital creation (Processing, Python, Openframeworks, Cinder) or physical computing (RaspberryPI, Arduino).