Communication Theory (M1-M2)

De erg

Professor: Peggy Pierrot

Media analysis and information and communication theory: critical aspects and practical perspectives. This course will invite the students to develop their theoretical and practical knowledge of communication and information theory, its history and its current state. Going beyond the established tools linked to the subject, we will place a special focus on the dramatic changes occurring in print and broadcast media, and more specifically the transformations in the field of cultural journalism. In the first part of the course, through historical references, we will distinguish between sector-specific permanence and deeper evolutions. The second part will extend these investigations through a deeper analysis of communicational signs, representations, worlds and processes. The aim will be to acquire a contextual understanding of communication and information theory, but also to grasp its concepts, histories and vocabularies. A particular attention will be paid to approaches enabling to take cognitive, cultural, gender or social biases into account.