Color: Analysis and Contextual Practices

De erg

Professor: Adrien Lucca

This course is both technical, theoretical and practical. It is divided into two successive parts: a general theoretical and technical course in the first term, and a personal research experience in the second.

In the first part, the course approaches light and color through several axes: color and light in contemporary art and art history, scientific analysis and technology of color and light (pigments, paint, glass, artificial light). In the second part of the year, participants are invited to develop a research project related to their studio practice or to a more personal passion/project. They are regularly invited to present the progress of their research and ideas to the group, which meets approximately every 4 to 5 weeks. Between these collective moments, I am at their disposal during individual meetings and I support their research by bringing them practical, technical and/or critical elements. The year ends with a collective presentation in a free form (oral presentation, mini-publication, artwork/experiment or text).

In the first semester, the evaluation is based entirely on attendance. In the second semester, the evaluation is based on the work done according to the following criteria: Is the work personal? Is it original? What care was taken? How did the work evolve from the initial discussions with the teacher to the final result?

Given the special circumstances of Covid-19, the course will be taught, whenever possible, via the digital platforms set up by the ERG. In addition to being delivered live remotely, the first part of the course will be available in written and illustrated form for easy reading and reference.