An Introduction to Legislation and Law

De erg

Professor : Maxime Lambrecht

This course will be divided in four parts :

1. The foundations of law As an introduction, we will familiarize ourselves with the major principles of law and the judicial system, e.g. the difference between law and morality, the idea of a hierarchy of standards, or the protection of fundamental rights.

2. Copyright and the protection of intellectual creation This second part will explore the principles of copyright, and see how this legal system serves to protect intellectual property (through the notions of work, author, economic and moral rights, and so on).

3. Intellectual property vs. other rights The third part of the course will focus on the exceptions and limitations of copyright, the principles of freedom of speech and assorted rights of others that limit the author’s prerogatives (the protection of privacy, image rights, libel, derogatory or racist speech).

4. The exploitation of creation Lastly, we will study the principles of contracting law (general principles, publishing contracts, etc.) and will see how they may protect the exploitation of a creation. A series of examples and practical cases taken from the fields of creation and of information law will be used. The course aims at acquiring a theoretical understanding the subject. Students should eventually be capable of applying the studied rules and principles in view of resolving practical cases (legal status, interpretation, application).