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Particular attention is paid to these spaces that bring together different formats in parallel: performance, video, conference, publication, graphic design. These forms are practiced collectively, learning and questioning the other. The working conditions raise the question of group work. A group necessary to the experimentation. And therefore, to place this collective work at the center of the teaching and administrative team. And thus to question how the work of the school develops, how the artists, the authors, the scientists work. Ask them to observe the types of relationships that are established, the protocols that are posed and what hospitality is offered.

BàG (Boîte à gants)

Chasse ouverte

Erg Galerie

ERG melody

Erg - New Engineering Studio

Erg tv

ergote radio

ERG melody

EAT (erg à table)

La Baraque


Le Casier


Le séminaire de l'erg

Les semaines d'exercice de création et de recherche et la WinterSchool


Program Physical Poetics

Rideau de Perles (rdp)

(RIGHT IN) THE FEELS - Expressing feelings in the digital age

Teaching to Transgress